FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2019   |   7:00PM


Drama | 12mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Stelana Kliris


Director: Stelana Kliris


Starring: Giannis Karaoulis, Irene Karagiorgi


A young man has to tell his girlfriend that he has been accepted on a one-way mission to Mars.


(greek with english subtitles)

HOLY BOOM (feature)

Drama | 99mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Maria Lafi


Director: Maria Lafi


Starring: Nena Menti, Luli Bitri, Anastasia Rafaela Konidi, Samuel Akinola


The lives of four strangers, who live in the same neighborhood, change dramatically when, on Palm Sunday, the neighborhood’s postbox is blasted just for laughs by a teenager.


(greek with english subtitles)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2019   |   9:15PM


Drama | 9mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Petra Terzi, Thalia Alexiou


Director: Petra Terzi


Starring: Dimitris Panaretakis


In 1960 on the Greek island of Rhodes, 38 year old Elias narrates a story to his 10 year old daughter, Sofia, about the friendship and love developed between him and a German soldier during World War II in 1945.


(greek with english subtitles)


Drama | 121mins


Writer: Yannis Smaragdis


Director: Yannis Smaragdis


Starring:  Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, Marina Kalogirou, Thodoris Atheridis


A dramatization of the life of Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis, nominated nine times for the Nobel prize for literature.


(greek with english subtitles)


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2019   |   12:00PM


Documentary | 99mins | United States Premiere


Writer: Panayioti Yannitsos


Director: Panayioti Yannitsos


Starring: Noam Chomsky, Jordan Peterson, Constantine Markoulakis


A documentary concerning the current state of the Greek economy and how it has impacted the nation's youth.


(english and greek with english subtitles)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2019   |   2:30PM

EPIPHANY (feature)

Drama | 86mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Koula Sossiadis Kazista, Katina Sossiadis


Director: Koula Sossiadis Kazista, Katina Sossiadis


Starring: Alex Dimitriades, Caitlin Carmichael, George Georgiou, Scottie Thompson, Burt Young


A self-proclaimed lyrical love poem to Greek culture and the dying sea sponge industry, Epiphany tells the story of Luka, a young woman trying with all her might to connect with her negligent father in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Luka grows close to an older man as her family’s mysterious past begins to unfold.



SKAROS (short)

Drama | 11mins | World Premiere


Writer: The Zavitsanos Brothers


Director: The Zavitsanos Brothers


Starring: Nikos Zavitsanos, Apostoli Fatyros, Spiros Soukas, Konstantina Georgakopoulos


An impoverished goat herder scrambles up a haunted mountain in search of a transcendental treasure buried at its peak.


(greek with english subtitles)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2019   |   5:00PM

1968 (feature)

Docudrama | 94mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Tassos Boulmetis


Director: Tassos Boulmetis


Starring: Alexandros Amerikanos, Antonis Antoniou, Maria Antoulinaki


A.E.K., the well-known Greek basketball team founded in 1924 by refugees from Constantinople, after 44 years, beats SLAVIA of Prague and wins the European Cup.


(greek with english subtitles)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2019   |   7:30PM


Drama | 20mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Vasilis Kekatos


Director: Vasilis Kekatos


Starring: Alexandra K., Andreas Konstantinou, Alexandros Papaioannou


Makis is a fish farm worker. On his way to work one morning, he is informed that he has died the day before. After failed attempts to prove that he is alive, he accepts his fate with indifference and he spends his last day trying to secure shelter and caretakers for his beloved canaries, up until the time of his funeral.


(greek with english subtitles)

PITY (feature)

Drama | 99mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Babis Makridis, Efthimis Filippou


Director: Babis Makridis


Starring: Yannis Drakopoulos, Evi Saoulidou, Nota Tserniafski, Nikos Karathanos, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Makis Papadimitriou, Georgina Chryskioti


Pity is the story of a man who feels happy only when he is unhappy, a man addicted to sadness, who has so much need for pity, he’s willing to do everything to evoke it from others. This is the life of a man in a world not cruel enough for him.


(greek with english subtitles)


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2019   |   12:30PM


Drama | 16mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Konstantinos Gerakis


Director: Konstantinos Gerakis


Starring: Eleni Sani, Harrys Tzortzakis, Natalia Dimou


In a house not far from Athens there is an isolated family with an unusual lifestyle. Katerina and Yannis is a young couple who live in Yannis’ family home with his mother Ariadne. They both try a lot to comply with Ariadne’s anachronistic rules but this is quite hard. Yiannis and Katerina face a crisis in their relationship due to Ariadne's rules.


(greek with english subtitles)


Thriller | 71mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Sotiris Petridis


Director: Natalia Lampropoulou, Ilektra Aggeletopoulou


Starring: Konstantinos Liaros, Ilectra Kartanou, Nikias Fontaras, Eleni Thimiopoulou, Joyce Evidi


Through the voyeuristic nature of the Internet, Alexis unintentionally witnesses a murder through his computer. Will he be able to uncover the murderer or will he be caught by his own trap? This film is the first European "computer screen movie," 5th worldwide, and the only non-American.


(greek with english subtitles)


Thriller | 14mins | World Greek Film Festival Premiere


Writer: George Zouvelos


Director: Ruben Zaccaroni


Starring: George Zouvelos


A modern day David and Goliath urban adaptation, whereas this trippy short is turned - and David evolves into the young villain; and, Goliath is the misunderstood, narcoleptic and handicapped (verbally challenged aka mute ) hulk, being followed by his rude entourage. The film offers a brief glimpse into the difference in generations, and the priority placed on human life.



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2019   |   3:00PM

IZZY (short)

Comedy | 20mins | United States Premiere


Writer: Micah Stathis


Director: Micah Stathis


Starring: Aaron Latta-Morisette, Courtney Ciminieri, Lawrence Blake


Following a series of increasingly catastrophic first dates, Izzy discovers an online dating site with a twist: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. A shortcut to a soul mate? Possibly; if the stunning and seemingly perfect Persy has anything to say about it.




Documentary | 72mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Marianna Economou


Director: Marianna Economou


Starring: Alexandros Gousiaris, Christos Takas, Olga Lorida


The humorous and uplifting story of two ingenuous Greek cousins, who tackle the world market with their organic tomato products.


(greek with english subtitles)

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2019   |   5:00PM


Drama | 13mins | United States Premiere


Writer: Anastasia Sima


Director: Anastasia Sima


Starring: Sissy Toumasi, Yiannis Thomas, Yiorgos Stavrianos


Anna studies and works as a 3D animator in Sweden.

She stays in touch with her grandfather in Athens Greece, via daily Skype calls. Anna calls from her room and her grandfather calls from his friend's pharmacy. Two cities, three people connected to the web, a situation that is about to change.


(greek with english subtitles)

PAUSE (feature)

Drama | 96mins | Gulf Coast Premiere


Writer: Tonia Mishiali, Anna Fotiadou


Director: Tonia Mishiali


Starring: Stela Fyrogeni


Elpida, a middle-aged housewife, is trapped in the misery of an oppressive marriage with a man who has no consideration for her feelings and needs. Her monotonous life is disrupted when a young painter is employed to paint the building she lives in. Her imagination then starts to flourish as she is confronted with her unquenchable desires, her body and the husband she has no love for. After he sells her car without her consent, she becomes vindictive and violent towards him, but her perception of reality is questioned when she has no recollection of events that actually happened.


(greek with english subtitles)








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